Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Elvis Aron Presley is Tim McGraw's 25th cousin four times removed's ex-husband.

Tim McGraw
→ Tug McGraw
his father → Frank "Big Mac" McGraw
his father → Ella May McGraw
his mother → David R. Nave
her father → John H. Nave
his father → Eliza C Nave
his mother → Valentine Bowers (Rev)
her father → Rebecca Bowers
his mother → Ann Nave
her mother → Abraham Vanderpool
her father → Wynant Melgertse van der Poel
his father → Melgert Wynantsen van der Poel
his father → Wynant Gerritse Van Der Poel
his father → Gerrit van der Poel
his father → Reyer Gheritse van der Poel
his father → Corneliss Janssen VanDerPoel
his father → Jan Teunisse VanDerPoel
his father → Albert van der Poel
his father → John van der Poel
his father → Gooswijn van der Poel
his father → Jacob van der Poel
his father → Daniel van der Poel
his father → William VanDerPoel
his father → Ludwig IV "der Bayer" von Wittelsbach, Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches
his father → Ludwig II "the Severe", duke of Upper Bavaria
his father → Otto II, Herzog in Bayern, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein
his father → Ludmilla von Böhmen Princess of Bohemia, Herzogin in Bayern
his mother → ÁRPÁD(házi) Erzsébet - Elisabeth of Hungary
her mother → ÁRPÁD(házi) Geza - Gejza II. Géza, King of Hungary
her father → ÁRPÁD(házi) Erzsébet - Elisabeth, Princess of Hungary
his sister → Odon Mieszkowic, książę
her son → Eufrozyna Odonic
his daughter → Hedvig Swietopelkska
her daughter → Svantepolk Knutsson
her son → Ingegerd Svantepolksdotter
his daughter → Algot Bryniolfsson (Bengt Hafridssons ätt)
her son → Knut Algotsson (Bengt Hafridssons ätt)
his son → Ramborg Knutsdotter "Frilledatter" Hafridssonætt
his daughter → Tore ll Gardson
her son → Svein Toresen Gard
his son → .. Svendsdatter Bø
his daughter → Asgaut Svendson Eikeland
her son → Erik Asgautson Eikeland
his son → Rasmus Erikson Eikeland
his son → Gjermund Rasmusson Gjedrem
his son → Guri Gjermundsdatter Gjedrem
his daughter → Nils Salmundson Laksesvela
her son → Anna Nilsdatter Nedre Hetland, Tysland
his daughter → Ole Mikkelsen Eie
her son → Elisabeth Olsdatter Eie
his daughter → Amund Iversen
her son → Amund Hjalmar Iverson
his son → Albert Henry Iversen
his son → Anna Lillian Beaulieu
his daughter → Priscilla Beaulieu (Wagner)
her daughter → Elvis Aron Presley
her ex-husband